Park Academy

Park Academy is the only school in the state of Oregon designed specifically for educating kids with dyslexia, elementary through high school. In photographing some of the students for the school's new website, I saw first hand a program that is driven with heart and passionate commitment to ensuring these kids don't fall through the cracks. And the support they get from the community at large is incredible, as was evident at last year's fundraiser featuring keynote speaker Henry Winkler, who also struggled with dyslexia.

If this is a cause near and dear to you or someone you know, tickets are still available for this year's fundraiser on June 22. This year's guest speaker is Danny Glover...and I'm not sure who is more excited about that fact...the school or me.

CCD + Inside Fashion Design

I recently photographed this talented team of women who make up Creative Capital Design, for the launch of their new site Inside Fashion Design, a go to for behind the scenes look into the world of apparel design, offering workshops, tutorials, trend talks and insider interviews.

I would like to think they were laughing with me, not at me, though I'm 99.9% sure it's the former. But puppies. Always bring puppies to a shoot.


Ten years ago, when I launched headfirst (and foolhardy some would say) from the corporate world into the freelance world, a very generous and brave friend and his equally generous and brave lady friend invited me to photograph their family. Ten years on, I had been feeling the need to reach back out to a. apologize and b. pay them back. Not less than a day after this thought floated across my brain, Ed emailed to ask if I could photograph him as he closes the door on his own corporate life of 33 years with Nike (thirty.three.years people), and opens the door for the next.

I can't do justice with the words needed to describe the immense bravery it takes to step away from everything you've known your entire adult life. But if anything, Ed has the smarts, confidence, humor and grace (in spades) to forge what I'm sure will be a wildly successful post Nike life.

The world has a funny way of spinning sometimes. And I continue to be grateful for the humans, intersections, and stories it continues to bring my way.

Winter Whites And A Belated Happy New Year

In lieu of updating this website and blog with a Happy New Year post and collection of new work, I spent the last week tapping into my inner kid. In case you've been sleeping, it snowed in Portland. A lot. And snow like this in Portland is such a rare occurrence, life as we all know it comes to a halt as everyone wonders at the miracle of it. Both because there are few things so beautiful...and because the city was hardly able to stay one step ahead of it (and hence why the roads were temporarily ours to roam as we pleased, gloriously car free). We also happen to live on the edge of Forest Park, the proximity of which adds a whole new level of magic to the experience.

This year, it was alternately a gift and a lesson in pioneer woman spirit as our electricity went out Tuesday night and only came back on Friday night (immensely grateful for friends with modern amenities like heat, electricity and coffee). And I learned three things during those first two days before we threw in the towel on 40 degree indoor temps…after 25 years, I still have a few useful camp counselor tricks up my sleeve, my kid is pretty tough, and when the apocalypse happens, I will still be inclined to want to document it.

So in the event you're not already maxed out on photos of snow....enjoy! And Happy New Year! As soon as this snow melts and kids go back to what's left of school, real updates to counselor promise.

2017 Snowmageddon-Andrea Lonas Photography-8186.jpg

Light The Way

A few favorites from a recent portfolio shoot with and for the lovely Miss Marcelina.

Trailer Park Living At Its Best: The Vintages

Gone are the days when the concept of a trailer park implied cutoffs, crop tops, Pabst, and mangy dogs. The Vintages Trailer Resort is a whole new 2016 breed. Located in the heart of Oregon wine country, at the crossroads of Dundee and Dayton, you'll find trailer park living at it's quintessentially Northwest and subsequently, it's very best.

Vintage Trailer Resort-Andrea Lonas Photography-web-110.jpg
The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days...

Any self respecting child of the 70s can identify with that theme song and the swoon worthy Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, or just simply, "The Fonz" (as a one-name celebrity, he was a man ahead of his time). With his black leather jacket and megawatt smile, his entrance into a room was always met with great applause and puppy dog eyes from the ladies.  And a certain seven year old who will remain unnamed.

Fast forward 40 years, add a few grey hairs and maybe a pound or two, Henry Winkler was no less delightful and charming...and with degrees from Emerson and Yale to back it up, despite his struggles with dyslexia, showed there was so much more to admire and love about The Fonz.

Portrait Of A (Portland) Artist

Andrea and I share more than a name. A past life spent at Nike, our current iterations as Portland creatives, our adoration for our respective fathers and the loss of both of those amazing men last year.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to while away a morning in her fabulous (and enviable) studio, trying to capture for her new website, Andrea Henning Design, the essence of her spirit, her creative space, and her amazing ability as both a graphic designer and fine artist.

I have her to thank for my logos, creative collaboration, and so much more. It takes a lot to put yourself out into the world as an artist, especially when you pour so much of your own personal self into the process, exposing all your nooks and crannies for the world and clients to see. You know the quote "it takes a village to raise a child"?  Yeah, that applies to making it as a creative too, and I'm so grateful to have her in my village.

Ides Of March

OK, so minus any sacrifices or brushes with Ceasar, March was a festival of travel, family and friends.  The Nones found me in San Francisco celebrating my step brother's wedding. The Ides were spent on the island of Oahu photographing the magical wedding of a dear friend.

This infusion of different sights, sounds and smells served alternately as a relief from the weight of the last eight months, as well as a celebration of what it means to be alive, and not least, an intense expression of gratitude for the life I have.

San Fran-Andrea Lonas Photography-004.jpg

Classic Wines Auction: Spring 2016 Winemaker Dinners

This is one of my favorite events to photograph and this year's Classic Wines Auction Spring 2016 Winemaker Dinners was no exception. Between their annual auction and eight winemaker dinners, a pairing of our incredible Portland chefs with award winning winemakers, they raised a breathtaking $3 million for six local charity partners. 

I had the most incredible opportunity to document four of these dinners, meet the people behind the elixir of the gods, and get a behind the scenes look into the kitchens of these incredible chefs who turn out magic night after night. Bluehour + Basel Cellars, Paley's Place + Domain Drouhin + Woodward Canyon, Ringside + Far Niente, Serratto + Chateau St Michelle. Yes, please and thank you.

Classic Wines-Serratto-Andrea Lonas Photography-1306.jpg