Billy Ray's

I am a storyteller with a camera.  I am an avid seeker of faces, places and experiences.  So if there are no people to be found, I love the exploration of the spaces they inhabit, poking around through all the nooks and crannies that define it and make it meaningful to someone somewhere, documenting the things they have left behind.  The stamp, or in this case, stickers, that say, "Once upon a time, I was here". This past Friday, I was given a unique opportunity on behalf of Dive Bar Shirt Club.  A site that celebrates all the beauty of...well....dive bars found all across the country.   In a city increasingly over run by hipster hangouts that require a PhD in fashion just to step across the threshold, the comfort of come-as-you-are corner bars can be quickly overlooked here in Portland.  Of important note however:  in googling my destination for the day, I came across an article that indicated a certain magazine with the words Play + boy in it had listed this place as one of 10 Great American Dive Bars.  For spam purposes, I think I'm going to regret including that little bit of trivia but found it interesting nonetheless.

Welcome to Billy Ray's.