Oregon Humane Society: 2011 Telethon

The Oregon Humane Society recently hosted their annual telethon, broadcast live on KATU2.  In one afternoon, they exceeded their fundraising goal of $320,000 and successfully adopted out 70 of their furry faced charges. And I was there to document all that fabulous generosity + cuteness.

For the record, the last time I photographed this event, I found myself walking out with my cat Sweetpea, who has served me well {as well as cats can serve their masters}.  It took nerves of steel not to walk away from this one without Mr. Wrinkles {as you might have guessed, a sharpei mix pup} + Jasmine {a sweet as can be rabbit...I know, who knew?} tucked under each arm.  Ala Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids.

And if you haven't overloaded on all things OHS, this coming weekend I'll be photographing for their annual Santa Paws event...please consider bringing your furry lover to a Fred Meyer store near you to get their picture taken with Santa.