Oregon in February seems as good a time as any to post a few sun soaked images from Waikiki in December. Photographer's note: I have artfully avoided photos of my dear friend + travel companion for fear she won't want to make return trips if she sees she'll be turned into the feature of a girls-gone-wild blog post.

However, in addition to the usual rotation of palm trees, sunsets, and waveslappingatthesand photographs {and in absence of girls-gone-wild}, I also wanted to share images captured from an insanely ill-timed visit to Pearl Harbor the day before the 70th Anniversary.   As amazing as it was to be feet away from survivors, experiencing this place shoulder to shoulder with thousands of others, and standing in endless lines ala Disneyland, most definitely took away from the emotions I probably should have felt.  But in looking at these images, it now feels like it was a visit worth making.

I hope in the midst of your winter, wherever you are, you're able to hear the metronome of the crashing waves, feel the warmth of the sun on your face and the crunch of the sand beneath your feet...and at the very least, a pin prick of emotion for everything those survivors represent.