Knick Knacks From The North

I recently took a weekend trip to Vancouver, BC to clear the cobwebs and pay a visit to some dear friends north of the border. I took my "work" camera, but found myself making much more use of my iPhone. Go figure. So I spent a lot of time packing a 5+ lb hunk of expensive plastic around the city, the only benefit being a few shots shared below and a good bicep workout {which, if I do say so, are looking pretty sweet these days as a result}. During the course of an afternoon walkabout, I made a point to pass through Vancouver's Chinatown, one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city for the richness of color + personality.  As my billions of fans know, I typically photograph people, but found myself drawn more to people's things, Chinatown in particular possessing some very iconic things... an abundant supply of  knick knacks {I love that word} and piles of dried fish.

Any of the other images you see below that don't look like they were taken in Chinatown, reflect the other 2 minutes I put my camera to use during the course of the weekend.

Thank you SO very much to the wonderful and insanely creative duo Linda Hunter + Suzanne Summersgill {w the dashing Scott Summersgill rounding out our gang} for keeping me well wined + dined + otherwise entertained.  Keep your eyes peeled for future posts featuring these two and their soon-to-be-published children's story... in the meantime, enjoy.