Two Peas In A Pod + Three Green Rats

Peas + rats, rats + peas...however you look at it, these two sassy ladies know how to have a good time AND tell a great story.  The story being Three Green Rats, a cautionary tale written for children, which highlights the perils faced "in the land of Here and Now", in the city of Tintown, when the other rats don't follow the lead of three rat brothers who "lived simply, never taking more than they needed to survive."

A collaborative effort featuring the storytelling genius of Linda Hunter and the fabulous, whimsical illustrations of Suzanne Summersgill, I had the honor of reading a few drafts over the last two years, and then landing in Vancouver on the very day they signed a book deal!  Three Green Rats will be published this fall, and there's even talk of a reading at our very own Powell's Books here in Portland!

Huge congratulations to two very inspiring women I'm so fortunate to call friends.