Robert Gray Middle School Presents Willy Wonka Jr

My first chapter book, given to me by my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Rodriguez, was Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.  I grew up on a diet of minimally processed foods and very little sugar {think zucchini birthday cake}, so I was understandably transported by Gene Wilder's movie adaptation of the book, and even more smitten by Johnny Depp in the role 30 years later {yes, a weakness of mine, EVEN when he's sporting a purple cape and a top hat}. I needed to explain all of the above, so that you can imagine then my thrill when I was asked to take some production stills of our neighborhood middle school play, Willy Wonka Jr.  The show runs this weekend, Thursday May 10  through Saturday May 12 and at $7 for the cost of admission, it's a golden ticket not to be missed.