1859 Magazine: September / October Issue

Because I told anyone who would listen, most of you already know I had the incredible honor of capturing my first cover shot for the Fall issue of 1859 Magazine.  And I showed anyone who walked through my front door that cover.  But for those of you not living in Oregon, {and don't have the benefit of your own personally signed copy}, I also had the opportunity to photograph three other amazing individuals profiled inside that same issue. Laurence Bennett, Production Designer for the Oscar Award winning movie, The Artist and Lillian Pitt, a Pacific NW Native American artist were two people who have each made a significant impact in their respective creative worlds and both of whom graciously shared far beyond anything I imagined... thoughts on their creative process, their inspiration, and just an old fashioned personal connection.  In addition, I photographed local equestrian jumper Rich Fellers {along with his Irish Stallion of Greek God-like proportions, Flexible}, who was bound for the Olympics within a matter of days.

In all three instances, I was beside myself with excitement to meet individuals whose passions have taken them to places I can only dream of at this point in my life.  And their humanness in the face of such success made them all the more awe inspiring.