Reminiscing: Plate + Pitchfork At Viridian Farms

Unless 30F and "ice rain" is your idea of a good time, today's weather is less than inspiring.  So in my search for images to warm the soul {and nose}, I came across photos from a most delicious event I attended in August.  And wanted to share it with all {2} of you. Plate + Pitchfork is a celebration of the abundance of amazing food + drink here in Oregon.  The brainchild of Erika Polmar, it's a pairing of highly acclaimed local chefs with local farmers and wine makers.  Put them all together in a field on a warm summer's eve, and you have the makings of a feast for the ages.

This was the last dinner of the season and was hosted at Viridian Farms, in the heart of Willamette Valley.  The warm up act was a sampling of appetizers and wine, followed by a tour of the farm from one of the two owners, followed by a sit down dinner in a field of flowers amidst an apple orchard.  The two chefs preparing the meal that evening were Chef Pascal Sauton from Milwaukie Kitchen + Wine and Chef Bernard Malherbe from Crooked House Bistro in Salem, with some incredible Pinot Noir from Cristom Winery to seal the deal.

If you don't live in Oregon, you might be saying to yourself right now, "Is she for real?!"  And the answer is a most definite, "Yes, I am."  Of course, it did start to rain as the sun began to set....but that didn't stop the party.  And you can't have everything.