Timbers Virgin

So I'm embarrassed to admit a. I attended my very first Portland Timbers game a few months ago and b. I'm just now blogging about it.  As a lifelong fan of the sport, I really have no valid excuse for reasons a. and b. and made myself write ten times, "I will commit to going to more Timbers games, I will commit to going to more Timbers games...."

Needless to say, I was blown away by the passion the Timbers Army had for their team.  I grew up playing on boys' teams* because the soccer scene for middle and high school girls in small town Virginia in the 80's was given about as much priority for funding as archery.  Or a high school bowling league.  But even so, we were lucky if twenty people showed up to a game...ten if it was an away game.  So I'd never had first hand experience with a crowd of 22,000 so committed to the sport of soccer.  {*This does not mean I was any good...I just loved the game}

And for all you non-Portland, soccer loving people who are still reading this, the Timbers went on to play an epic season, placing first in the Western Conference, and their coach, Caleb Porter, was named MLS Coach of the Year.  Meanwhile, the Portland Thorns, our women's team, has also seen sellout crowds of 12,000+ and ended the season placing third in NWSL.

MUCH thanks to my client, BikeRacker {and his cute kid and fabulous ladyfriend} for the opportunity to be a witness and rekindle the flame.

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