1859 Magazine: Kerry Tymchuk

When 1859 asks you to photograph possibly the smartest guy in town {5 time Jeopardy champion}, you have to bring your A-game.  Fortunate for me, all I had to do was show up with camera in hand and take it all in as the Oregon Historical Society's Executive Director, Kerry Tymchuk, gave me a fascinating running monologue and personal tour of the current exhibits being shown at the museum.  Having been surrounded by {more than?} my share of American history during a childhood lived in Virginia, just beyond the DC city limits, it's rare that I meet someone here who demonstrates such a passion for and commitment to preserving American history. 

*And upon seeing one of the preserved wagons that carried a family across the Oregon Trail, circa 1860s, I was that much more grateful that when I moved to Oregon, 125 years later, all I had to do was point my car west and hit the gas.

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