The Girl Scout Promise

Back in the day, as a pigtail-wearing, skinned-knee young lass, I was a proud card carrying member of the Girl Scouts...particularly fond of arts + crafts, fire making, and, let's not kid ourselves, snack time.  Then my best friend decided we looked better in blue than we did in we switched to Bluebirds, and that was that.

Fast forward 30+ years (ouch), and I had the chance to revisit that world.  Girl Scouts Of America recently highlighted three volunteers from the Girl Scouts Of Oregon & SW Washington chapter, who all saw beyond the color of their skirts and, realizing the bigger opportunities Girl Scouts could deliver, spent their childhood as Girl Scout members, and were now paying it forward to the next generation of young girls.  As young women in their 20's who face a multitude of alternate choices for their free time, their personal commitment is incredible and inspiring.

And I see now, as both a business owner as well as the mother of a young girl fighting a seemingly uphill battle against the outside pressures to fit in, what Girl Scouts can help provide to girls from all walks of life.   The opportunity to see themselves as capable leaders.  As doers.  As change makers.  It's a message that is profound and measurable and cannot be underestimated.