Snow Daze

When it snows in Portland, reality as you know it stops.  School is cancelled, business shutters, traffic reports light the highways up like a Christmas tree, and everyone begins the frantic search for "that other glove" so you can enjoy it for the fleeting wonder that it is.    Because, like cicadas, this only happens once every few years in this city.  And it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to put the brakes on our lives and make decisions no more difficult than marshmallows or whipped cream on your hot chocolate, and romantic comedy or action-adventure on Netflix.

Sadly, this go around, I had a job to finish and deadlines to meet...and it was almost too painful to stop and ponder the glory of all the white stuff outside my window.  So I put my head down, finished my dance with Lightroom, and only came up to bask in what was left on day three.  

It seemed the bloom was off the rose for the rest of the city by then...but my love affair had just begun.

andrea lonas photography-136.jpg