NIKE : Brasada Ranch

I photograph a lot of events, and in the course of this, have had the honor of meeting and photographing amazing human beings and subsequently hearing their incredibly powerful words.  But one event in particular stands out, and not just for the rockstar lineup of speakers. 

Eleven years of working at NIKE could not have prepared me for the week in October I spent photographing a NIKE offsite at Brasada Ranch in Central Oregon.  In that previous lifetime, I attended countless meetings, met my share of inspiring athletes, and traveled places I never dreamed I'd go.  It's an experience I will be forever grateful for.

But there was something unique about the magical elixir of this team of leaders, guest speakers, and the Central Oregon air.  I've never functioned for so long (thrived even) on such little sleep.  And never has a week of photographing been so heartfelt and uplifting.  Recent red carpet darling and author of the book WILD, Cheryl Strayed.  Two-time Olympic gold medalist and 2012 FIFA World World Player of the Year, Abby Wambach.   Legendary Oregon State baseball coach, Pat Casey.   And Todd Storch, who along with his wife, created Taylor's Gift, a foundation established after the sudden death of their daughter, that is quite literally saving lives by educating and encouraging people to consider the gift of organ donation.   They, and many others from the leadership team, shared stories that laid open their soft spots, and their life lessons learned. 

Mix in some business, "Olympic" level fun and games, dress up and dancing... and they had the makings of a most perfect week. 

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nike-brasada ranch-3857.jpg