Meals On Wheels People: Central Kitchen

Around this time for the last several years, Meals On Wheels People have asked me to help tell their story, and I gladly accept.   I recently started volunteering with my son to help prep and deliver meals twice a month, so I feel I can speak personally to the impact that I see when we knock on a door.  They help meet an incredible need in the community by serving roughly 5,000 meals each day to both homebound seniors as well as through various senior and community centers around the city and suburbs of Portland.  

This year, they asked me to profile more specifically the food itself, with an emphasis on the amazing abundance of fresh food they work to incorporate into each meal.   My first visit was to their Central Kitchen where they prepare the meals that are delivered to homebound seniors via a small army of volunteer drivers (according to their website, they depend on 500 volunteers a, wow).   In addition to all the fruits and vegetables, they even have a pastry chef to ensure fresh baked goods are a part of the mix. 

Food aside, I have developed an incredible fondness for the kitchen staff themselves, some of whom have dedicated the better part of the last 20 years to this mission.