Ten years ago, when I launched headfirst (and foolhardy some would say) from the corporate world into the freelance world, a very generous and brave friend and his equally generous and brave lady friend invited me to photograph their family. Ten years on, I had been feeling the need to reach back out to a. apologize and b. pay them back. Not less than a day after this thought floated across my brain, Ed emailed to ask if I could photograph him as he closes the door on his own corporate life of 33 years with Nike (thirty.three.years people), and opens the door for the next.

I can't do justice with the words needed to describe the immense bravery it takes to step away from everything you've known your entire adult life. But if anything, Ed has the smarts, confidence, humor and grace (in spades) to forge what I'm sure will be a wildly successful post Nike life.

The world has a funny way of spinning sometimes. And I continue to be grateful for the humans, intersections, and stories it continues to bring my way.