Winter Whites And A Belated Happy New Year

In lieu of updating this website and blog with a Happy New Year post and collection of new work, I spent the last week tapping into my inner kid. In case you've been sleeping, it snowed in Portland. A lot. And snow like this in Portland is such a rare occurrence, life as we all know it comes to a halt as everyone wonders at the miracle of it. Both because there are few things so beautiful...and because the city was hardly able to stay one step ahead of it (and hence why the roads were temporarily ours to roam as we pleased, gloriously car free). We also happen to live on the edge of Forest Park, the proximity of which adds a whole new level of magic to the experience.

This year, it was alternately a gift and a lesson in pioneer woman spirit as our electricity went out Tuesday night and only came back on Friday night (immensely grateful for friends with modern amenities like heat, electricity and coffee). And I learned three things during those first two days before we threw in the towel on 40 degree indoor temps…after 25 years, I still have a few useful camp counselor tricks up my sleeve, my kid is pretty tough, and when the apocalypse happens, I will still be inclined to want to document it.

So in the event you're not already maxed out on photos of snow....enjoy! And Happy New Year! As soon as this snow melts and kids go back to what's left of school, real updates to counselor promise.

2017 Snowmageddon-Andrea Lonas Photography-8186.jpg